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Graphical Editor for Electrical Networks
with integrated load flow and short-circuit calculation LAKU

NETDRAW is a program for the graphical input of electrical networks. The program is running on a PC under all Windows versions. NETDRAW supports the languages german, english, french, polish and portuguese.

After input or changing of network data the load flow and short-circuit calculation with LAKU can be called, to calculate the results. From NETDRAW version 11.00 LAKU is integrated fully in NETDRAW.

NETDRAW may only be used for teaching and training purposes. Commercial use may be done at own risque. Modifiying of the program code is not allowed. No garanty for the quality of the results is given. The program may be distributed without any fee with regard to the limitations above.

New feature: Short-circuit calculation of wind power stations according to IEC 60909-0:2016.
                    Examples in NETDRAW-Examples/Networks/Short-Circuit.

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Collection of Examples

Download for the newest version 15.2 (last update: 2021-01-20):



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